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17th Jun 2021

Osama Bin-Laden’s niece gatecrashes Biden-Putin meeting with ‘Trump Won’ flag

Kieran Galpin

You weren’t invited!

Osama Bin Laden’s niece has crashed the Putin and Biden summit wielding a “Trump won” flag. Noor Bin Ladin, whose name differs slightly from her late uncles, arrived in Geneva via boat.

Bin Ladin is particularly vocal in support of Trump, and with just under 30k Twitter followers, she has built a platform around conservative ideals. She arrived at the Geneva summit, where Biden and Putin are attempting to form some sort of positive connection. This publicity stunt has made headlines, but beyond that, not much has occurred because of it.

Noor has described Biden as “senile” and wrote that he “sold out to America to his globalist masters for years.”

“Just like at the G7, today Joe Biden showed the whole world what a joke he is. There’s a reason why he was kept in his basement throughout the election cycle.”

In 2020, Noor’s ‘passion’ for Trump was demonstrated when she wrote an open letter detailing how he was “the only leader” with the ability to save America from a “bleak future.”

In the letter she wrote:

“With President Trump at her helm, America stands a chance at restoring her principles, pride, independence and true place in the world as beacon of liberty and hope for all. This to me, is what “Make America Great Again” means. Looking back at your country’s foundation, and preserving what makes it truly GREAT. But also knowing that the best is yet to come.

“America, you are at the very edge of the precipice. Please wake up! Take hold! Fight for your country, and be proud of your roots! Uphold your values. Stand for your flag and your anthem. Defend your history. Don’t relent in the face of those who seek to re-write it to serve their narrative and justify the destruction of your nation. You have much to cherish and protect for your sake, and ours.”

Nah, you’re alright.