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05th May 2019

Nigel Farage refuses to reveal identity of single ‘big donor’ funding the Brexit Party

Wil Jones

“It’s irrelevant. It’s a small donation of £100,000.”

Nigel Farage has refused to reveal the name the individual who has made the largest donation to the Brexit Party.

Appearing on Sky News on Sunday morning, the Brexit Party leader repeatedly declined to answer Sophy Ridge questions over the six-figure donor, though Farage did say they would “be declaring it at the end of July.”

“Oh yes, I’m really going to tell you his name, aren’t I?” replied Farage.

“You know what will happen? If I tell you the name of this person, you will hound him, all of you.” he continued. “You will be outside his house for the next three weeks. So, no.”

“Anyway, it’s irrelevant. It’s a small donation of £100,000. We’ve raised nearly £2 million pounds.”

“Doesn’t he deserve some scrutiny?” asked Ridge?

“And he’ll get it all in good time,” answered Farage.

Nigel Farage resigned from UKIP is December 2018 “with a heavy heart”, citing UKIP leader Gerard Batten moving of the party further to the right as a reason for his departure, and saying that Batten was “obsessed with the issue of Islam, not just Islamic extremism, but Islam, and UKIP wasn’t founded to be a party fighting a religious crusade.”

In February, Farage said that he would run as an MEP for the new Brexit Party in any future European elections. Then in March, he became leader of the party after the previous leader Catherine Blaiklock resigned, following the undercovering of anti-Islam statements she had made online.