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12th Jun 2019

MPs lose vote in bid to prevent next Tory PM forcing no deal Brexit

Kyle Picknell

Yes, yes that is a real photo of Nigel Farage who was, yes, aware a photograph was being taken

That is just the face he chose to pull. Fascinating.

Anyway, MPs have today voted down a bid to prevent the next Conservative prime minister – whichever horrendously underqualified and repugnant individual that may be – from forcing through a no deal Brexit.

Labour called for the vote in an effort to prevent the next Tory leader from forcing through a no deal withdrawal from the European Union by suspending parliament in September, but the Commons opposed the move by 309 votes to 298.

According to BBC News, the result of the vote was greeted with cheers from the Tory benches, to which Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn responded by shouting “you won’t be cheering in September”.

The vote came as a result of several Tory candidates – such as Dominic Raab and Esther McVey – refusing to rule out suspending parliament to prevent MPs from blocking a no deal.

Here’s another Conservative leadership/prime minister hopeful in the form of Rory Stewart explaining how disastrous a no deal Brexit could be:

Here he is tweeting about it:

Guess what he voted for, in the vote. Go on, guess. Rory Stewart. Who thinks a no deal Brexit would be fundamentally disastrous. You’ll never be able to. Go on. Guess. Have a stab in the dark. Have a wild fucking guess. YES OF COURSE HE VOTED AGAINST LABOUR’S PROPOSAL TO TRY AND RULE OUT THE POSSIBILITY OF A NO DEAL. OF COURSE HE FUCKING DID.

The members of the Conservatives that did vote for the proposal were: Guto Bebb, Ken Clarke, Jonathan Djanogly, Justine Greening, Dominic Grieve, Sam Gyimah, Philip Lee, Oliver Letwin, Antoinette Sandbach and Caroline Spelman.

And sure, it sounds as though I have made half of those names up and that they can’t actually, possibly, be real MPs that exist, but those are the facts I’m afraid.

Whilst the Labour rebels who voted against the motion were: Kevin Baron, Ronnie Campbell, Jim Fitzpatrick, Caroline Flint, Stephen Hepburn, Kate Hoey, John Mann and Graham Stringer.

*shrugs* End transmission.