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13th Jul 2022

MPs escorted out of chamber as PMQs descends into chaos

Jack Peat

“Out, now! Serjeant at Arms escort them out!” 

Two MPs were escorted out of PMQs this afternoon after the session descended into chaos.

Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle struggled to keep the peace as tensions flared in the House of Commons.

He warned two members of parliament that they will be “ordered out” if they refused to sit down.

Alba MPs Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill had both appeared to drown out Boris Johnson by shouting about Scottish independence.

Failing to heed his warning, Hoyle then called on the Serjeant at Arms to escort them out, yelling: “Out, now!”

“I will not tolerate such behaviour.”

The government stirred controversy earlier in the day after they blocked Labour’s plan to hold a “no confidence” vote in Johnson.

Downing Street said it would allow time for a vote of no confidence in the government, but not the prime minister.

A spokesman said the PM had already said he would quit and a vote would not be a “valuable use” of MPs’ time.

But Labour accused ministers of “running scared”.

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