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05th Sep 2019

Leave and Remain supporters clash outside Westminster

Wayne Farry

A day of protests ended in heated debate

Supporters on each side of the Brexit divide engaged in a heated debate outside of parliament, hours after the day’s protests had come to an end.

Leave proponents argued with Remain supporters as the sun fell at Westminster on a day that had seen MPs voted in favour of a bill which would allow them to block Boris Johnson’s government leaving the European Union without a Brexit deal.

The vote passed by 327 votes to 299 after Tory MPs and the opposition backed it, a result which should force Johnson to ask for an extension if no deal is agreed by October 31.

That move saw Johnson call for a general election, but a dismal few days got worse for the prime minister after he failed to hit the two-thirds threshold required under Fixed-term Parliaments Act.


The turn of events led to discontent among Brexit supporters around the country, with those at parliament accusing the opposition and Tory rebels of sabotaging Brexit.