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08th Jul 2024

Labour won’t speak to GB News and we’re so here for it

Jack Peat

Looks like the shoe is firmly on the other foot

GB News appears to be getting snubbed by the Labour Party as Sir Keir Starmer’s new administration prepares to roll out its legislative agenda.

Camilla Tominey kicked up a stink after Jonathan Reynolds cancelled his interview with the TV channel, which enjoyed a cosy relationship with the Tories during their final years in charge.

“Are we going to now see this mass snubbing of GB News because Labour only want to speak to people who agree with them all the time?”, she questioned, seemingly forgetting that is precisely what the Conservatives did.

When the Rwanda scheme was rolled out by the Tories, only a select few media outlets were invited to cover it.

Media representatives from outlets including GB News, the Daily Mail, Times, Express and The Telegraph were given access to a trip to East Africa, while the BBC, The Independent, The Guardian, Daily Mirror and were not invited.

It looks like the shoe is on the other foot for GBeebies, who seem pretty upset about their lot!