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05th Jul 2022

Someone has just set pictures of glum-looking Cabinet ministers to the Succession theme tune

Jack Peat

Boris Johnson’s administration has been rocked by yet another scandal.

Allegations that Boris Johnson knew about an inquiry into Chris Pilcher in 2019 have rocked the Conservative administration.

In an extraordinary intervention, Lord McDonald, the former permanent secretary in the Foreign Office for nearly five years, claimed that Downing Street may have lied over whether the prime minister was aware of the investigation when he appointed Pincher as Deputy Chief Whip.

Dominic Raab said the PM had no knowledge of the inquiry, but he was quickly refuted by Simon McDonald, who said Johnson was “briefed in person about the initiation and outcome of the investigation”.

The saga has resulted in a few glum faces around the Cabinet table this morning, as speculation over Johnson’s future circulates up once more.

Adam Bienkov has set the pictures to the theme tune of Succession to hilarious effect.

The HBO drama will return to screens soon for a fourth season after filming began late last month.

Hopefully, there will be more cheer within the Logan family!

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