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03rd Sep 2019

How are businesses preparing for Brexit?

Rich Cooper

This week, the government launched an advertising campaign telling businesses and the public to ‘Get ready for Brexit’.

The campaign has been reported to cost £100m and will see billboards and social media adverts rolled out across the UK. Michael Gove said that the adverts encourage a “shared responsibility” regarding preparations for leaving the European Union.

JOE went to speak to business owners and members of the public to ask how they’re planning to get ready for Brexit.

“We’re trying to find English suppliers,” one member of staff said. “But we sell Italian goods, so we’re pretty limited in what we can do.”

“Obviously we’re looking for more staff,” another said. “Because lots of people are going back to their countries.”

“I have a lot more forms to fill in, customs declarations to fill in,” another said. “It’s just remarkably simple at the moment. They’re going to make it more complicated, and there is really no need to make it more complicated.”