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30th Apr 2018

Everyone is making the same joke about Amber Rudd’s resignation

Hi Amber do you want picking up in the morning pal?

Kyle Picknell

It’s not looking good for Theresa.

Amber Rudd resigned as Home Secretary on Sunday following her failure to explain the Windrush scandal that threatened to deport British immigrants who have been living here for decades, along with their children.

The news was hardly surprising after the general chaos and ineptitude shown by the Conservative party in attempting to resolve the mess over the last week, with Rudd even claiming she had no awareness of deportation targets, despite sending Theresa May a four page briefing last year which boasted about her “ambitious but achievable” number of illegal immigrants she could remove from the UK.

Reactions to Rudd’s departure ranged from ecstatic right the way through to unsympathetic, and people began making the extremely inevitable joke on Twitter about the person who many commentators believe is the real architect of the policy, the Prime Minister herself, who has used Rudd as a human mattress to break her fall.

Theresa May, it looks like your time is up too, it’s written in the calendar…

It looks like everyone has their fingers crossed for the new month, and not just for the prospect of nicer weather.