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13th Oct 2021

Eight people arrested for cannabis possession in House of Commons and House of Lords

Ava Evans

Met arrested thirteen people over the past 12 months for drug possession 

Parliament might be the home of democracy, but it’s also apparently a crime hotspot. 

A freedom of information request submitted by The Sun found 202 crimes had been committed on the Westminster estate over the past year. 

Two drug dealers have been arrested over the past twelve months.

A further eight people were arrested for possession of cannabis, and another five for unspecified drugs. 

The Sun’s investigation revealed 17 drugs crimes in total.

In other crime: stats from the Met recorded 36 assaults, with the vast majority against officers at the gates.

There were also 25 thefts, not including seven cases of shoplifting, from the gift shops plus 52 threatening letters to MPs and Lords or their staffers.