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12th Jun 2017

Details of Theresa May’s immediate reaction to election night results have emerged

The Prime Minister is said to have cracked a very awkward 'joke'

Robert Redmond

This sounds like a grim party.

Theresa May’s immediate reaction to the last Thursday’s general election results was reportedly one of stunned silence, before the Prime Minister “burst into tears.”

The Conservative Party leader called a snap election back in April, in an attempt to increase her party’s majority in the House of Commons. Some expected the Tories to gain a 100 seat majority.

However, they lost 13 seats, Labour gained 30, and have been forced to seek the help of the Democratic Unionist Party to try form a minority government.

The Tories remain the party with the most seats, but the election results don’t exactly represent a victory and the Prime Minister is in a very precarious position ahead of Brexit negotiations.

Since Thursday, in her brief public appearances, May has attempted to put a positive spin on the situation. However, according to The Mirror, she was crestfallen on election night.

The report claims that:

  • The Prime Minister “burst into tears” at one point during the night.
  • She sat in “stony-faced silence” when the exit poll was released at 10pm, and “took a minute to say anything” when it became clear that the Tories had lost their House of Commons’ majority.
  • At the Conservative’s election campaign headquarters in London, there was reportedly a stunned silence when it became clear that they had lost their majority.
  • One staff member was reportedly “physically sick” when the results became clear.
  • A “shaken” Prime Minister is said to arrived at the campaign HQ in London at 4:30am. She reportedly told staff that she was grateful for all their hard work and that they would try form a government, despite falling short of the required number of seats for a majority.
  • The Prime Minister is then said to have made a “joke” about the food at the Conservative Party’s campaign headquarters – “You’ve had to eat too much cheesy pasta.”
  • Before leaving for the Palace on Friday morning, to have an audience with the Queen before attempting to form a government, the Conservative leader is said to have been crying.