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08th Jul 2024

Conservatives appear to delete X account after suffering worst general election defeat ever

Zoe Hodges

The conservatives appear to have deleted their ‘X’ account after their worst result at a general election ever.

Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak formerly resigned on Friday as Sir Keir Starmer’s labour party sealed a landslide victory.

They needed 326 seats for a majority but won 412 compared to the Conservatives 121 giving them a majority of 174.

It is the conservatives worst result in terms of seats in history. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats experienced their best election since 1923 as they took 72 seats.

Politics UK on X: “🚨 NEW: The Conservatives appear to have deleted their X account” / X

As the Tories looked to recover and regroup from the loss, it seemed as though they were trying to wipe the slate clean as their X account was deleted.

The account was used heavily during the election campaign with the Tories posting policy announcements and attack adverts against Labour on there.

In a statement given to the Daily Mail, the Conservatives claimed it was deleted by X, as a result of an error affecting multiple accounts but that the company is working to rectify it. The account was inaccessible for around an hour before it was reinstated.

In Sunak’s last address to the country, he announced not only his resignation as Prime Minister but revealed that in the coming months he looks to step down as leader of the opposition party. His X account still links to the deleted Conservative account.

X users were quick to make fun of the party. One user said: “For the first time in 14 years they appear to be listening to the will of the British people.”

Another said: “‘Something went wrong’ sums up their 14 years.”

Meanwhile, the new Prime Minister has been meeting Northern Ireland’s party leaders at Stormont as the rest of his newly appointed cabinet get to work laying out their plans for the country.