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13th Jun 2017

Brits are in favour another General Election, according to new YouGov poll

Should we head back to the ballot boxes?

Wil Jones

Thanks to a likely deal with DUP, it looks like Theresa May will remain our Prime Minister for the time being.

However, commentators from all sides are questioning how long she can last after her snap election gamble failed so spectacularly – with many suggesting we could be just months away from another General Election. There’s precedent for this – the UK saw General Elections in both February and October of 1974, after the first one resulted in a hung parliament.

Obviously, with Brexit talks looming, another election could cause delay things even further – but a new poll suggests more Brits would be in favour of it than opposing it.

The YouGov poll says that 43% of people would support another election, and only 38% would oppose it.

Of course, not every poll has turned out to be completely accurate recently, so make of this what you will.