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01st Jun 2017

Brexit Secretary David Davis being challenged on ‘lying’ in politics is fantastic TV

Paul Moore

A really good grilling.

In a recent interview with Brexit Secretary David Davis, Channel 4 journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy had the opportunity to discuss Theresa May’s recent performance on the campaign trail and the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

Unlike May, Davis was in attendance at the recent BBC debate and after stating that the idea the Prime Minister was too scared to show up as “rubbish”, Davis then discussed some recent comments that May made.

After a few introductory questions, Guru-Murthy asked Davis “why does she go around saying things that aren’t true” – this was in relation to a statement that May made in which she said the Labour Party want uncontrolled migration.

After receiving an answer, Guru-Murthy then asked if the conservatives “were guaranteeing that no unskilled workers would be arriving into Britain after Brexit.”

A relatively heated exchange and some cross-talk ensued as Davis remarked that “it will be managed migration, not free movement. That’s the distinction.”

Prior to providing that answer,  Davis took umbrage with the fact that he was challenged to provide an clear statement to which he said “one of the reasons that brings debates into disrepute” is the fact that journalists do push politicians for an answer to specific questions.

After allowing Davis adequate time to provide an unchallenged answer, the Channel 4 journalist then offered a perfectly succinct and fair response about what really brings politics into disrepute.

Here’s that specific segment along with the whole interview in full.

Full interview.