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04th Sep 2019

Brexit: Boris Johnson clashes with opponents in Parliament


“When will the Prime Minister apologise for his racist remarks?”

Boris Johnson today held his first Prime Minister’s Questions – and faced a fiery backlash from all four corners of the house. Boris’ premier PMQs session also saw him clash with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for the first time.

Corbyn criticised the PM’s negotiating strategy on Brexit, and in the following heated exchange, Boris tried to draw parallels between the two parties’ respective relations on the international stage.

Boris also tried to draw parallels between the capital of Venezuela and Corbyn’s mental state, seemingly forgetting that Mock The Week isn’t scouting for new talent.

Today also marked the first time a British Prime Minister said the word ‘shit’ in Parliament. A truly momentous occasion, although Speaker of the House John Bercow did not take kindly to it.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell also clashed with Boris Johnson and his Tory counterpart, Sajid Javid.

“You wait ages for one son of a bus driver to be made Chancellor, only to be followed soon after by another.”

Boris found himself on the receiving end of criticism from the MP for Slough, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, who pointed to the PM’s history of alleged “racist remarks”.

Singh Dhesi called on Boris to apologise for “derogatory and racist remarks” he had made in the past, which allegedly referred to Muslim women as “looking like bankrobbers and letterboxes”.

In 2017, the Slough MP became the first Sikh to gain a seat in Parliament. He spoke strongly about his own personal experience of racism in the UK.

Singh Dhesi claimed these remarks have contributed to a rise in hate crime across the UK, and also called on the prime minister to launch an investigation into supposed Islamophobia within the Conservative Party.

MPs are currently debating a bill that could potentially force Johnson to seek a delay on Brexit proceedings.

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