Not even Australia want an 'Australia-style' agreement with Europe 1 year ago

Not even Australia want an 'Australia-style' agreement with Europe

"Australia's relationship with the EU is not one from a trade point of view that Britain would want, frankly"

Boris Johnson has spoken of the increasing likelihood of the UK entering an Australia-style trade agreement, as it seems he will now leave EU talks with No Deal.


Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, said the most likely outcome of this period is Britain leaving talks without a trade and security deal in place.

Talks are still ongoing between Johnson and von der Leyen ahead of Sunday's deadline. But now it seems the UK is unlikely to agree terms on any deal.

Boris has until Sunday to thrash out an agreement with the EU, or the UK leaves with No Deal. (Photo by Aaron Chown - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Boris himself said the UK should prepare for an Australian-style relationship with European nations in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

The Prime Minister went into talks with the EU looking for a Canada-style free trade agreement, where there are no tariffs imposed on trade - but that appears some way off.

"There is now a strong possibility we will have a solution that's like an Australian relationship with the EU," the PM said.


There's just one (pretty significant) problem with that. Not even Australia want their Australian-style trade agreement.

For one, Australia don't have a free trade deal in place, but they are doing everything possible to enter into one with Europe. They don't view their current position as something to be proud of, which is why they are seeking ever-closer ties with the EU.


Former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull said on BBC Question Time last night:

"Australia's relationship with the EU is not one from a trade point of view that Britain would want,

"You've chosen a very courageous time to leave the largest free trade zone in the world."


Australia have been in discussions with the EU since 2018 regarding a comprehensive trade deal.

The EU is currently Australia's third-biggest trading partner behind its geographical neighbours China and Japan, but Turnbull said not having a full deal in place put 'large barriers' in place.

Turnbull added:

"Australians would not regard our trade relationship with Europe as being a satisfactory one.

"There are very big barriers to Australian exports of agriculture products in particular and a lot of friction in the system in terms of services..."

Is an Australia-style agreement worth pursuing, when they are doing everything in their power to get out of it?