Audience member makes it known what he thinks of Theresa May's NHS views 5 years ago

Audience member makes it known what he thinks of Theresa May's NHS views

It wasn't a debate, but the British electorate got to see the Prime Minister and the Labour leader questioned on their policies ahead of the General Election on June 8.

On Monday night, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced questions from a live studio audience on "The Battle for Number 10" - which was broadcast live on Sky News and Channel 4.


The two political leaders also sat down and were grilled by Jeremy Paxman.


The veteran journalist and broadcaster interrupted Corbyn a lot, and threw the Prime Minister a few curve balls.

Before that though, in the section when audience members posed the political leaders questions, May was asked by a midwife how she and the Conservative party "justify the chronic under funding of the NHS".



The Prime Minister said that the funding of the health service is linked to the performance of the economy, but she was committed to increasing funds for the NHS.


May said she and her party want to build a "first class national health service."

The midwife who asked the question, and works for the NHS, seemed sceptical when May finished delivering her answer. She said that so-called "efficiency savings" were actually cuts, hospitals are closing and staff are "at their wits' end."

"I'll believe it when I see it," the midwife said about the Prime Minister's pledge.

However, another audience member wasn't as polite about May's views.


The camera panned passed a man shaking his head as May spoke, and can be seen mouthing what appears to be:

"Bollocks. That is bollocks"

He's clearly not a fan.