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26th Jan 2022

62% of Brits think Johnson should resign as PM, YouGov poll finds

Kieran Galpin


The people have spoken

Almost two-thirds of Brits believe Boris Johnson should resign amid the growing scandal surrounding ‘Partygate’ and Sue Gray’s report.

While Johnson has repeatedly urged fellow politicians and the general public to wait for Gray’s report, 62 per cent of Brits want him gone, a YouGov poll has revealed.

Of the 3,350 adults quizzed, only a quarter said he should be allowed to stay, while 13 per cent were undecided. The poll also revealed that 38 per cent of Tory voters believe the PM should resign- an increase of five points since the last poll.

While the nation eagerly awaits Gray’s report, which is believed to be landing in the next few days, another poll showed that 74 per cent of adults think the police made the right decision in investigating the parties.

However, 15 per cent of people believe that launching the investigation is wrong. Polling analyst Tory Lord Hayward said Johnson’s ratings have “plunged quite dramatically.”

Amid the news of Johnson’s birthday bash, Hayward told Sky News that it “just adds to the litany of issues” and “the public will react to it accordingly because it is another party.”

He continued: “There is no question, the polls have turned against the Tory Party in general but particularly against Boris Johnson.

“His ratings about a week ago were directly equivalent to those of Jeremy Corbyn when he lost the last election – so they have been dire.”

Hayward added: “All the polls show that Boris Johnson is personally in real difficulty. The question is, what does the Gray report show and how does that impact on the polls?

“The polls are also showing that Rishi Sunak is far more popular than Liz Truss as a potential alternative.”

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