X-rated text from 'Suzie sub' pops up on live GB News interview with vaccine sceptic doctor 6 months ago

X-rated text from 'Suzie sub' pops up on live GB News interview with vaccine sceptic doctor

Dr Samuel White has reportedly said the video was uploaded to his website by hackers

A vaccine sceptic doctor who uploaded a recording of his GB News interview to his website may have accidentally revealed a very personal WhatsApp message in doing so - from a contact called 'Suzie Sub'


Dr Samuel White was interviewed by presenter Patrick Christys on Sunday after a judge ruled last week that a tribunal had made an "error of law" when it ordered the Hampshire GP to stop discussing Covid on social media. Dr White had been accused of spreading misinformation after allegedly expressing concerns about vaccines and claiming - in a video posted in June - that "masks do nothing".

Dr White, who appeared remotely alongside broadcaster Jon Gaunt, posted a clip of the interview on his website, seemingly unaware that the video also showed that he had received a message during the broadcast.

It read: "As you rest just give a thought to using me for your pleasure. Having me on my knees doing whatever you say... xxx'.


A spokesman for Dr White said Monday evening that the clip containing the message had been uploaded to his website by hackers, MailOnline reported.

The message is not visible on the GB News version of the interview available on playback and YouTube.


Dr White was said to have temporarily taken his site offline as he removed the video, however, it has circulated on social media ever since, even being shared by the guest who appeared alongside him on GB News, Jon Gaunt.

The message flashed on the screen as Dr White spoke about the government's response to the Covid crisis, including its use of vaccines.


Dr White, who had been a partner at a surgery in Hampshire, had initially been ordered to stop discussing Covid on social media a decision the High Court later found was wrong.

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