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15th Mar 2021

Woman without mask arrested after telling police ‘what are you going to do, arrest me?’

Danny Jones

Well, yeah

It continues to baffle just how many people can’t seem to comprehend the simple rule: wear a mask. After nearly a full year of having to wear one, is anyone still pretending it’s that difficult to wear a mask for the matter of minutes you spend in a shop?

A woman in Galveston, Texas, decided to try and test that rule woman when she visited the bank. Terry Wright refused to wear a face-covering upon entering the building. After continuing to refuse, the manager contacted the authorities.

Galveston Police officers were called when the women would not leave and even questioned the decision, despite the bank and virtually the rest of America have a clear coronavirus policy.

In the footage captured on the police officer’s bodycam, you can hear the slightly humorous exchange:

“You believe in this?” Wright asks the officer. “What are you going to do? Arrest me?”, she asks, before the cop says “Yes, for intruding on premises.”

To her disbelief, he explains that the bank has the right to refuse her service as it is private property and she is in violation of their clear policy. She continued to argue that she didn’t need a mask and, as such, was detained.

On the tape, the officer is captured explaining to Wright that she is liable to be refused service because it is private property after Wright stated that Texas had weakened restrictions of wearing face masks.

For added context, this arrest took place after Texas ended its state-wide mandate for people to wear a mask. This presumably factored in her decision to refuse the requests, but she still failed to comprehend the distinction between government legislation and company policy.

In the struggle following their final refusal, Wright can be heard accusing the officer of “police brutality”, as people around her openly point out it is not.

She even goes on to refer to coronavirus as the ‘plandemic’ – referring to a Covid-denying conspiracy.

Wright was ultimately admitted to the hospital for minor injuries that occurred as she resisted arrest. The 65-year-old has, apparently, never worn a mask to enter any premises, even when required by law.

The moral of the story is, wear a fucking mask.