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15th Aug 2023

Woman who survived being stabbed 16 times by boyfriend says she sees ‘shadow people’ everywhere

Joseph Loftus

She claims to have encountered fifty to one hundred so-called shadow people.

A woman who survived a near death experience after being stabbed multiple times by her former partner claims she now encounters ‘shadow people’ everywhere she goes.

Twenty-five year old primary school teacher, Eilish Poe, was savagely attacked in her home by ex-boyfriend, Jonathon Crossley, after he hid inside her crawlspace for over 24 hours.

Poe, from Colorado, USA, says she went upstairs to check on her pet rabbit when Crossley jumped on her.

She explained on the Otherworld podcast: “He then pushed me down the stairs, and I hit my back pretty bad — I still have injuries and trauma from that.”

Image Credit: Facebook

She continued: “He grabbed me by the back of my hair — it was really long at the time. He shoved my head into the wall five or six times.”

Crossley then stabbed Poe multiple times in her neck, torso and arms before eventually running off after Poe played dead.

While Poe lay on the floor bleeding out, she claims to have witnessed a ‘carousel of people’ who have been dead for many years. She continued: “My paternal grandmother was standing right there. She passed away in 2014. She was standing there just kind of quaintly smiling at me. She didn’t wave or anything like that.”

Poe then said that when her grandmother’s image faded away, she immediately saw a friend of hers who had taken her life months before the attack.

She said: “It is a crystal clear image of what she was wearing, and she was also just standing there, and the same as Jeanie [her grandmother] she had this comforting smile on her face. I am still grieving for her three years later, but it felt like a bonus time, even just for five seconds, or however long it was, to see her and be near her again.”

After the attack, Crossley took his own life, while Poe underwent a lengthy recovery process including ten surgeries.

Image Credit: Facebook

Throughout her recovery, Poe says she has seen ‘shadowy figures’ between 50 and 100 times. She believes it’s because she came so exceptionally close to dying herself.

Poe explained: “They never approach me apart from one specific time, and the second I start to walk towards it or acknowledge it, it’s just gone..

“I think because I almost crossed over, because it was so close, maybe those shadow people are people who are in the between of crossing over and they’re in the middle somewhere, maybe that’s why I can see them.”

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