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10th Dec 2021

Woman sparks huge TikTok debate after refusing to tip waitress and telling her ‘do better’

Charlie Herbert

Woman refuses to tip waitress

Would you ever do this?

A woman has shared a receipt from her dinner at a restaurant, showing that she decided not to give any sort of financial tip to her waitress, instead telling her to “do better.”

TikToker @biglez7704 had been to the Metro Diner in North Carolina when, instead of leaving money to the waitress, she decided to give her server a different sort of tip by writing: “Do Better!!!” on the tip line of the receipt.

During the clip, she can be heard saying: “When your service sucked, here’s your tip b**ch.”

In the caption, she wrote: “I had such a rude waitress.”

@biglez7704I had such a rude waitress. ##fyp ##badservice ##charlotte♬ original sound – Biglez7704

The video has so far been viewed more than 135,000 times and has sparked great debate in the comments.

On one side of the argument, you have people who thought the woman had been unnecessarily rude to her server.

One person wrote: “Sometimes when I get bad service I ask the server if they are going through something or had a bad day. U never know what someone is going through.”

Another said: “You wasn’t gonna tip anyway.”

Someone else wrote: “Every restaurant is short staffed right now, especially in the Charlotte area. she is probably doing the best she can. YOU do better.”

Meanwhile, several others who had experienced the joys of working in hospitality were upset by the woman’s conduct.

One user wrote: “As a server, we match energies. Ya we don’t know the full story, but she was probably short-staffed & you gave some tude [attitude] first. She matched it.”

A second added: “You are the reason that I quit serving. if anyone’s rude it’s you sweetheart.”

Someone else replied: “As someone who works in this understaffed industry, with 7-8 tables with no food runner or busser, struggling to keep up with everything.”

However others were more sympathetic to the woman, suggesting that she had perhaps been given genuinely bad service and the blunt message was necessary.

One person wrote: “ZERO to do with ‘being broke’ some waiters are just plain rude for no reason & those ‘I’m a waitress and we match energies’ don’t speak for everyone.”

Another user added: “Why would she tip if the server was rude? These comments are insane, you can’t act however you want and expect a tip. DO BETTER.”

Someone else replied: “I was a server.. and if a server does a terrible job no I will not tip. This is coming from a FORMER SERVER.”

“Y’all don’t even know what she experienced so how are you gonna make judgements about it,” a fourth person commented.

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