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06th Nov 2023

Wayne Lineker issues statement after interview is cut short due to ‘vile’ chants


Videos of the chanting went viral over the weekend

Wayne Lineker has issued a statement after an interview at Crouchfest was cut short due to chants from the crowd.

The interview was hosted on November 4, in a live episode of Peter Crouch’s podcast at Wembley, and saw Lineker join Crouch and others on stage for a chat.

Lineker, owner of clubs in Ibiza, was asked upon his arrival on stage about which footballer player he has enjoyed playing host to in his time on the party island.

But before the interview can get much further the 12,000 strong crowd erupted in chants of ‘p****’, causing disruption on the stage.

Lineker, 61, and the presenters try and ignore the chanting and move the conversation to curry houses in London.

And now Lineker has responded on social media after videos of the event went viral.

He said:

“I know I’m usually a bit of a joker on social media but today doesn’t feel so fun!”

“Sooo I was invited by my good friend Peter Crouch and Chris Stark to be a guest on their iconic event Crouchfest at Wembley Arena last night ..As you can imagine I was blown away by the invitation to join them onstage and was so excited to be part of it!

“What should have been a bit of fun turned in to what I can only describe as a scene of Mob Mentality against me, thousands of people in unison calling me a ‘p****’ to be exact! Can you imagine that being you, your dad, your son, your brother, your mate or anyone you love and care about having to endure that on stage.”

“Love me or hate me living in party world at my age..but to call me something so disgusting is just completely and utterly devastating and the lowest level of wit, judgement and trolling,” he continued.

“On the way to the event I was chatting to various groups of lads who were asking for photos and what I thought being genuine.

“The very same lads were calling me a p**** 2 hours later ..How did it end with a stadium of people all heckling me with such a vile term (football fans or not)? It’s called the Herd affect ..( google it )

“Luckily I am thick-skinned and see beyond their words and their actions, however some others are not and this kind of behaviour can affect them mentally and can take lives and has taken lives.

“I also have a family, children and grandchildren – how do you think this kind of trolling makes them feel?

“My final message on this would be; Remember to be kind it really does not take much effort! #bekind.”