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11th Jun 2017

WATCH: This New York play appears to depict Donald Trump’s assassination

A step too far?

Darragh Berry

A step too far?

A ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ production of Julius Caesar has come under the spotlight after the taxpayer-funded play looks to demonstrate a mock execution of the Julius Caesar character who looks very much like President Donald Trump.

Caesar is stabbed to death by a group of minorities and women and this has added to the speculation that the mock stabbing is meant to be the US president.

Not at any stage does it actually say that the character is or is based on Trump but he is dressed very similar to the President and has a long unbuttoned over-coat as well as the same hairstyle as Trump.  Caesar’s character also has a wife with a Slavic accent.

The play is sponsored by some major corporations including the New York Times, American Express and Bank of America who all as of Sunday evening, had not made a statement regarding the play.

Delta Airlines also sponsor the play but they issued a message on Twitter stating they did not support this particular production of the play.

Clip via Inside Edition

The play comes a week after comedian and now former CNN presenter Kathy Griffin did a mock beheading of the president. CNN announced that they terminated their contract with the comedian after the sick picture was posted on the internet.