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03rd Sep 2016

Watch this student land a one in a million trick shot to save his classmates from a test

What you are looking at there, is a true academic hero.

Paul Moore


What lengths would you go to to save your college friends from a test? Would you be prepared to stand up and make a passionate speech to your lecturer about why tests are pointless? Maybe you would prefer to unite all of your fellow students and undertake a massive walk-out from the lecture hall.

Maybe you’d just do some back end jiggery pokery to reveal the test answers through the online portal?

There’s a lot of methods, some good, some… a little underhanded. But the point stands: tests are an unwelcome ballache when studying, and most people would do a lot to get out of them.


So when the opportunity to cancel a test came up Ohio State University, one student took up the cause.

During an organic chemistry class, a bet was made between student and teacher about the terms of an upcoming test.

The terms of the bet were as follows, if the student managed to nail this one in a million throw then there would be no quiz.

Did it go in? HELL YEAH IT DID!

We reckon that this man didn’t have to buy a beer all night.

Not all heroes wear capes.

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