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08th Apr 2017

WATCH: Protestor tries to diffuse real-life situation with a Pepsi, and it doesn’t end well

Yeah so this was a terrible idea

Rory Cashin

This truly has been a historic week for carbonated soda, hasn’t it?

First, there was the advert which sent Twitter into a maelstrom of righteous indignation at the thoughts of a model effectively bringing about world peace with the assistance of a can of brown lemonade.

Then Pepsi did the smart thing and pulled the ad completely, and apologised for missing the mark with their well-intentioned but uniquely tone-deaf attempt at unity via soda.

They might have hoped that might be the end of it, but it isn’t. Not by a long shot.

While we can expect Kendall Jenner reacting-to-things to be the meme du jour for 2017 (sorry, Salt Bae), people are now referencing the advert in real life.

Earlier in the week, a protestor by the name of Carlos Enrique was in a City Council meeting in Portland, Oregon, and he felt that it was kind of getting away from him.

“The language of the resistance has not been properly translated to you. So this is for you,” before standing up and reaching into his pocket, which with the use of objective distance, is just about the most stupid thing you could say and then do in an American government building.

But it was all cool, he just gave the Mayor a can of Pepsi.

Not that the Mayor was impressed, we might add. And neither were his security detail, who walked Mr Enrique off-camera pretty quickly.