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23rd May 2017

WATCH: Angry words on Good Morning Britain about national security following Manchester attack

Piers Morgan calls for an end to political correctness

Darragh Berry

“We’ve got to do more.”

Labour politician, Chuka Umunna, Conservative politician, Iain Duncan Smith and former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Vince Cable, all appeared on the Good Morning Britain following the Monday’s terrorist attack in Manchester as election campaigning is suspended.

One of the hosts of the ITV show, Piers Morgan, was on hand to question all three about national security.

All three politicians came together to condemn the attack and squashed any criticisms about national security, stating that the security services are doing all they can.

Duncan Smith said:

“I’ve sat in the Cobra meetings and I have talked to those that head up MI5 and MI6 and they will tell you that they are foiling attacks like this on a daily basis.

“Please don’t assume that this has got through because we’re slack. We are in debt to our security services and our police forces.”

But the 52-year-old host was not content with the answers from the politicians and called on tweets he had received from the public who were angry, worried and scared for their safety after the attack.

“At some stage you can’t just keep having the same response. This is about as heinous as it gets, going to a pop concert and targeting young girls who went to see Ariana Grande and blowing them to pieces,” he said.

Piers continued to add that a time for tributes and vigils was over and that a time of action must be taken in order to stop something like this from happening in the future.

“There comes a moment when we need to say, ‘Forget the PC stuff, we need to stop this before it happens’,” said Morgan.

Labour’s Umunna responded to the presenter in the same fashion as Smith and said:

“What sick individual would do something like this to children? One of the things we are blessed with is our police and health services.

“This happened to terrorise and divide us. Turning on ourselves is not going to solve anything.”

Cable also reiterated the thoughts of his fellow politicians, stating that the security of the country is in safe hands and people were angry and upset that something like this was capable of happening.