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01st Oct 2015

Volkswagen pick the worst person possible to speak on their behalf (Pic)

Talk about inappropriate...


Unless you’ve been knocked unconscious by the dangerous fumes, you’ll be aware of the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

The German car giant has admitted to using software that provides false emission test results. In fact, nearly 1.2 million of its vehicles sold in the UK are fitted with the faulty software.

The company have admitted that they “totally screwed up”, and are trying to be as open and honest about their mistakes as possible, so as not the exacerbate the furore over pumping out far more pollution than regulations allow.

But they seem to have chosen the worst possible person to come clean on their behalf, namely advisory board member Olaf Lies

We can’t help but feel that anything that comes out of his mouth is pure hot air. His first name doesn’t seem to be taking the matter seriously, and his surname is very hard to believe.