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17th May 2019

Vocal coach tries to teach how to do an Irish accent and butchers it

Rudi Kinsella

This is, and we can’t stress this enough, terrible

Have you ever had somebody from a different country try to replicate your accent, and make a complete balls of it? We’re sure you have. But have you ever heard a professional “vocal coach” do it? Probably not.

And to be honest, we wish we hadn’t either.

This video called ‘How to do an Irish Accent’ was released in 2017, but has resurfaced online over the last week, and it’s well… we think you should just give it a watch and see what we’re talking about.

The words “flower” and “sour” are the words that she admits she finds most difficult, and we definitely agree with her there.

There are some moments in the video that leave us genuinely unsure what word she’s trying to say.

The video has almost a million views, and is one of many vocal lessons she gives on her YouTube channel.

With all due respect to Madeleine, we’d seriously like to think that her other videos are more accurate than this one.