Vaccines have prevented 10,400 deaths in older adults, according to Public Health England 4 weeks ago

Vaccines have prevented 10,400 deaths in older adults, according to Public Health England

As per stats from PHE, Covid-19 vaccines have prevented approximately 10,400 deaths since December

The discussion around the safety of Covid-19 vaccines continues to rage on, as earlier this week we received the latest updates on the links between AstraZeneca doses and blood clots. Nevertheless, it remains true that the benefits of vaccinations outweigh the potential risks across the board. Public Health England's (PHE) recent analysis certainly seems to reinforce this.


As per their latest statistics, it has been estimated that approximately 10,400 deaths have been prevented thanks to vaccinations in the 60s and over age group, with 9,000 of those being "likely fatalities" among those over 80 years old. This graph tracks the "Daily Observed COVID-19 deaths aged" and "expected numbers" between December 2020 and March 2021:

10,400 Covid deaths prevented between December and MarchRegardless of ongoing concerns, deaths prevented is an inarguably good metric. Furthermore, if you look at the daily coronavirus summary, numbers are down in every category: reported cases, patients admitted, deaths and even tests - although you would hope the latter is a positive sign rather than one of complacency.

PHE maintain that there is also "increasing evidence that vaccines help to reduce transmission", the idea being that the more people in the populations are vaccinated, the stronger the collective immunity and resistance against the virus. The PM's response to these latest figures was clear:

Over six million Brits are now fully vaccinated and while under the 30s will likely be switching to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the rollout programme seems to be continuing to keep pace and increase protection throughout the population.