UKIP misspell 'Britain' in typo-laden campaign leaflet 2 years ago

UKIP misspell 'Britain' in typo-laden campaign leaflet

"Peterborough: Shaping Britians’ future"

UKIP has been widely ridiculed on social media after circulating a pamphlet containing a number of typos, including spelling 'Britain' wrong.


The leaflet was distributed around Peterborough following local MP Fiona Onasanya being imprisoned for contempt of court, with UKIP vowing to take her seat in the event of a by-election.

However, the material contains a number of spelling mistakes, the heading of the pamphlet, for example, reads: "Peterborough: Shaping Britians’ future."

Councillor John Whitby added: "We've been let down! As you may be aware our MP has recently been convicted of a serious criminal offence, but has now appealed against it."

The leaflet was spotted by users on social media. Addressing the numerous issues with the material, one user wrote: "1. Can't spell Britain.


"2. Misplaced apostrophe.

"3. UKIP have no MPs.

"4. Could have done with a comma in that opening sentence.

"5. Is among the first to complain that somebody is unable to use the English language."

Speaking to the Peterborough Telegraph, Whitby apologised for the circulation of the leaflet. He said: "I typed it incorrectly and it’s an embarrassment that it happened.


"A few of us misproofread [sic] it and missed two letters and a comma. “It’s important to get right, but it’s an honest mistake. I’ll hold my hands up."