Two men appear to pretend to be police to 'enter a woman’s home' 10 months ago

Two men appear to pretend to be police to 'enter a woman’s home'

As well as sporting 'police hats', at least one man can be seen wielding a telescopic police baton

A video of two men seemingly impersonating police officers is circulating on TikTok, as they allegedly attempt to try and rob a woman in Tower Hamlets, London.


The footage captured by the homeowner shows two men being challenged by another resident to show their ID, after they do not supply any, they push the woman's phone out of their face and decide to quickly exit the block of flats.


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As well as a fairly unconvincing police 'uniform', at least one of the individuals appears to be carrying a police baton; as they move towards the exit, he even pretends to be having a conversation of his radio and responding to answers through an earpiece.

The couple ultimately chase the pair out of the building, with one of the individuals accusing the woman of "stalking [him] down the road" as they ensure they leave the area.

A Met Police spokesman issued the following statement: "Officers attended and conducted an area search, but the males could not be located. It is not believed that anything was stolen from the address and there were no reports of any physical injuries."


They added that although the investigation is ongoing, "There have been no arrests at this time."

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