Trump caught hiding bottle of Coke despite telling supporters to boycott it 2 months ago

Trump caught hiding bottle of Coke despite telling supporters to boycott it

Donald Trump told people to boycott Coca-Cola after they criticised Georgia's new voting laws. Clearly as principled as ever

It's been a while since Trump has been in the headlines proper, and we're certainly glad of that. However, his gaffs were often some of the best and, between crying and genuinely worrying for the fate of the modern world, laughing at the big orange toddler was one of the few things people could enjoy while he was in power.


Thankfully, while he had to concede the election, he hasn't given up being one of the most fickle, foolish and feckless public figures out there. So much so, in fact, that apparently he can't even resist the taste of a sugary beverage he told an entire country to boycott long enough for the cameraman to leave.

As you can see just behind the phone on his desk, Trump has what appears to be an open bottle of Coke that either he or someone else in the room has attempted to hide for the sake of potential embarrassment. That went well. Perhaps it's the soft drinks that account for the radioactive bronze complexion - who knows? He even has a tiny bronze statue of himself - look to the left.

For context, last week, Coca-Cola - along with other organisations such as Delta Airlines and even Major League Baseball - came out in opposition against Georgia's new elections laws. Essentially, these new voting restrictions include: stricter polling times, fewer drop boxes and shorter windows for postal ballots; just one form of identification (i.e. driver's licence or social security number) and some awkward rules around handing out food and water.

Subsequently, Trump decided to label three of the most quintessentially American organisations you could think of "woke companies that are interfering with Free and Fair Elections". He also scrutinises identification, once again, alluding to the fact that signature checking (a hotbed for controversy throughout the last election) is no longer part of the process - one that he didn't seem to understand at the time either.


Republicans have argued that the 'Election Integrity Act' is intended to limit any potential interference after they and Trump, in particular, claimed mass voter fraud in the recent election. Again, not true - never was. Even handing out water is now being included in potential risks.

Poll workers are still allowed to give away water, but other people - such as voting rights groups and other external organisations - will have to follow certain rules under; it is deemed an offence to give away food or water within 150 feet of a polling place or within 25 feet of any voter in line.

Republicans have defended the law after claims it will make voting more difficult in predominantly Black and Brown communities like Atlanta. Delta's CEO, Ed Bastian, released an official memo stating the company's objection to the new laws; after Coca-Cola and MLB got involved, it all got a bit silly:

As you can see, Georgia lawmakers demanded the removal of Coca-Cola from all state houses. That'll teach 'em. It is worth noting that the bill already passed, by the way; so, regardless of anyone's objections, it would seem the Republicans have won this one, at least, and are still throwing a strop.

It would seem the 45th President's influence is still as just as strong among the Republican Party - after all, a man with a tiny statue of himself must be important. Even if the decision to remove Coke came independently in response to the companies objections, it's a pretty childish one.

Still, just goes to show that thanks to Trumpy's infamous hypocrisy, Coca-Cola still remains "America's Real Choice" and the drink of "Red, White & You". Maybe orange, in this case.