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15th Jun 2022

Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey gives Ed Sheeran gift to thank him for helping pay medical bills

Kieran Galpin

Tom Parker's widow Kelsey has revealed that she sent Ed Sheeran a gift after he assisted with paying some of her late husband's medical bills.

Tom died in March following a battle with brain cancer

Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey has revealed that she sent Ed Sheeran a gift after he assisted with paying some of her late husband’s medical bills.

The Wanted’s Tom Parker passed away in March after a long battle with an incurable form of brain tumour. He was just 33.

Kelsey Parker, 32, has been very open about the trials and tribulations of Tom’s condition, having previously asked fans to line the streets for “last goodbye.” Now speaking to Lorraine Kelly on her show, Kelsey said that Ed Sheeran was “amazing” and “just an unbelievable person.”

She explained: “He was at the Summertime Ball at the weekend and I actually got him a gift and I got him some crystals, because I’m like, what do you get someone who’s got everything?”

“But I just wanted to say thank you. What he did for us, for our family, gave me more time with Tom.”

The details of Sheeran’s gesture were revealed in Tom’s posthumous book entitled Hope: My Inspirational Life. He explained that the 31-year-old singer helped pay private medical bills and never made it public knowledge.

He wrote: “I’ve never publicly said this before (and he’ll probably be mad that I’m doing it now) but Ed is a very special man, he even helped out with my medical bills when I was seeking other treatment options and having private immunotherapy treatment.”

Tom is survived by his wife Kelsey and children Bodhi Thomas Paris and Aurelia Rose. Kelsey told Kelly, 62, that her kids have been her rock through the grieving process, going as far as to say they “keep me going.”

“They wake up happy, they wake up in a good mood, so then I can’t be sad,” she said. “He wouldn’t want us to be sad and mourning.”

She continued: “Don’t get me wrong, I get my bad days, of course I do. At night it is lonely. I am lonely, but this is my life, I have to get on with it.”

She also said that her 2-year-old girl struggles to understand that her daddy isn’t coming back.

“I’ve been really honest, she does still talk about him every day, she doesn’t quite understand he’s not coming back,” she said. “So I’ve had to be really blunt and say he’s not coming back, that’s it, he’s dead and he’s not coming back, because she doesn’t really understand.”

She continued: “The book’s out, she’s seen him in stores, but she’s like ‘He’s been on tour so is he going to come back from this?’ She’s just really confused by it.

“But we do then talk about him every day. She does ask me every day about him.”

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