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11th Nov 2015

New Tinder updates look to improve your chances of finding a match

This should be fun

Paul Moore

If you’re having trouble finding a match on Tinder, then this will be music to your ears.

The online dating app have just announced plans to change is algorithm and it should add some romantic rhythm to your own lovelife.

Tinder CEO Sean Rad (side note: great name) told Mashable that the company plan on using more data from users in a bid to “significantly increase users’ matches”.

Tinder like

Tinder haven’t clarified what information and data will added to their search parameters just yet but it’s widely expected to be the addition of job and education information.

Don’t worry though because you still have some time to update your job description in Facebook as ‘Rocket Scientist at NASA’ if you deem fit. (We have no idea if this will actually improve your chances of a match but it’s worth a shot).

Here’s what the new interface will apparently look like. Note that the job/school would appears like the ‘friends in common’ tab on the front card of the profile.


The people behind the app are also restructuring the messaging section to separate your new romantic acquaintances from older ones.

As you might know, the current messages tab only shows a list of the people that you’ve matched/chatted with but the the new messages screen will separate any conversations that you’ve had with new matches from those who haven’t said a word to you.

Maybe they’re shy?