This punter won mega money betting three Scottish games would finish-7-0 5 years ago

This punter won mega money betting three Scottish games would finish-7-0

Why would you even put this bet on?

What on earth would possess anyone to put money on three games of football to finish 7-0?


It's almost as barmy as backing Leicester City to win the Premier League title at 5000/1 (yes, we know).

But for some unknown reason, that's exactly what South Londoner Steve Sales did. Something came over him that day where he decided he'd have a little flutter on some massive results coming in on the Scottish Cup.

The Crystal Palace fan says he doesn't even follow Scottish football outside of the Old Firm, but went ahead anyway and stuck money on three of the Betfred Cup fixtures to finish 7-0.

'For a bit of fun' says the unemployed father of three, who has been out of work since injuring his shoulder, as he put a £1.40 multi-bet patent on Dundee to beat Forfar, Inverness to beat Arbroath and Ross County to beat Cove Rangers...all by a seven-goal margin.


The football Gods must have been smiling down on him that day, because that's exactly what happened. And he won a shit ton of money, landing almost £60,000 from little more than a quid.

He was sat at home watching the scores come in on TV on Saturday, but things started getting exciting when each scoreline was finely balanced at 6-0.

'It was an absolutely ridiculous bet,' he told The Mail. "The three home teams were all odds on and it was just a bit of fun to keep me out of the pub I suppose! I only had such a small amount on because that is all I can afford.

'Apart from Celtic and Rangers I know nothing about Scottish football. On Saturday I was thinking a few goals would be handy especially with Ross County only 1-0 up at half time.

'Then all the three games were 6-0 with the seventh goals going in on the 87,88 and 89th minutes. Those three minutes have transformed my life. It is amazing to win so much from such a tiny stake in what is effectively a hobby.'


Betfred boss Fred Done said: ' I have been in this game 50 years and never before has there been such an unbelievable winning bet.

'I'm absolutely delighted for Steve. He must have been the only person on earth to predict three 7-0 victories in one afternoon.'