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18th Jun 2017

This Piers Morgan quote about Jeremy Corbyn has aged well, hasn’t it?

The magic of hindsight

Rich Cooper

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Except when you’re wrong.

It takes a brave man to admit when he’s misjudged it, especially when he’s Piers Morgan.

No stranger to putting his neck on the line – he correctly predicted that Trump would, against the odds, be President of the United States – Morgan made a slightly less controversial prediction back in April: that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour would lose to the Tories in the next election.

He was not the only one. Almost all of the polls suggested that it would be a Tory landslide, that Theresa May would win a huge majority and that Labour would crumble. But then look what happened.

Labour made massive gains, May lost her overall majority and had to cuddle up to the DUP for support in the Commons, and now Jeremy Corbyn is providing the strong and stable leadership that May promised. He didn’t win the election, but he far from lost it.

Which is why this quote from Morgan, taken from his Mail Online column on 18 April, has aged so deliciously well, as ripe and sumptuous as when it was plucked from the opinion tree.

“Well, Mrs May isn’t just kicking Corbyn when he’s down, she’s dug his political grave, prepared the coffin, set the date for the funeral service and invited us all to attend his career death.

“Many, even within his own party, believe it will be the greatest slaughter in the history of British politics.

“I think it could be worse than that…

“Because if Corbyn leads Labour into this General Election on June 8, I fear he’s going to get beaten so badly the party itself may never recover and Britain will move forward with no viable opposition party.”

Fair play to Piers, though, he’s taken ownership of his new ‘Mystic Moron’ title.