This news about Maltesers will p*ss off a lot of people 4 years ago

This news about Maltesers will p*ss off a lot of people


It's been brought to our attention that something unfortunate has happened to Maltesers, or rather the pouch sharing version of the sweet.


Much like Toblerone and Terry's Chocolate Orange, they've shrunk in size. And we're not talking a minor difference, they've seriously decreased in size.

The Sun is reporting that they have shrunk from 136g to 112g and while that might be true in some areas it's actually far worse.

With the sweet tooth that we have, we stopped into a local supermarket to see for ourselves if the weight decrease was correct.

A pouch sharing size of Maltesers isn't 112g but, infact, 103g.

To make matters worse, they're the exact same price as some other sharing bags which can be up to 30g bigger in weight.

So, here is the bag of Maltesers which comes in at a weight of 103g.



A bag of Munchies weighs 126g.


A bag of Minstrels comes in at 130g.



While the biggest of all is the bag of Mars bites which weighs 136g.


They all cost the EXACT same.

We'll allow for the Mars bag to be slightly bigger because of the actual size of the sweets being bigger but there needs to some sort of allowance for the price.


Or just bring the Maltesers back to the average weight of the pouch variety of sweets.

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