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15th Jun 2017

This man’s passionate speech about the British media is absolutely riveting

Paul Moore

He lays into the BBC and Rupert Murdoch.

In recent weeks, there has been some notable displays of British citizens passionately speaking about issues that they care deeply about.

Sadly, the tragedy at Grenfell Tower was a tipping point for local residents who felt that their concerns were falling on deaf ears. In fact, David Collins, a member of the Grenfell Tower residents association, even stated that the tenants “repeatedly reported concerns to tenant management organisations for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, including fire safety concerns which were not investigated during the regeneration works.”

As of now, the Met Police have confirmed that 17 people have tragically lost their lives in the horrific fire.

While everyone’s thoughts are with the friends, family and loved ones of those deceased, there’s no denying that people want answers as to why the security and safety standards of buildings like Grenfell Tower were allowed to fall into such a state of disrepair, especially since the residents raised their concerns as far back as 2012.

One man that has had enough with being fed lies is local resident Ishmahil Blagrove.

Ishmahil was speaking with members of the assembled press this afternoon and he had some extremely strong words for the mainstream media.

Buzzfeed journalist Fiona Rutherford was able to capture the interview.

Ishmahil says : “What do I want to happen? I want there to be a revolution in this country. I say fuck the media, fuck the mainstream. You don’t deserve to be there. I mean, we should be campaigning not to government, but to the corrupt BBC who act as mouthpieces for this corrupt government. People need a revolution in this country, nothing short of that.”

He adds: “We’ve seen how the mainstream media have responded and reacted. For two years, you’ve hounded and demonised Jeremy Corbyn – you said he was unelectable – and you created that narrative and people actually believed your bullshit. What this election has shown is that people are immune to you and the other billionaire media owners – Rupert Murdoch and all those other motherfuckers – they’re immune to that shit there. That’s the vote of confidence – not in terms of Jeremy Corbyn – but it dismisses May , and it also stands up to the mainstream media.”

Despite this heated discussion, it’s nice to see that both men ended their discussion with an amicable and friendly handshake.

Here’s the footage.