This is apparently the best time to call in sick to work 4 years ago

This is apparently the best time to call in sick to work

Not that we condone this sort of carry on.

Every now and then some people decide to call in sick to work when they're not technically sick. It could be for a number of reasons.


While we wouldn't be encouraging it, there is a recent study which suggests which time is best when calling in sick.

i can't go out i'm sick

According to Metro, a study conducted by a company called Attest, found that the best time to call in sick is Tuesday morning at 6.38am and the best excuse is to say you have stomach problems.

Their reason for the time and day is because other days, such as Monday and Friday, are too obvious because they're so close to the weekend. If you've managed to come in on the Monday, chances are they won't get suspicious if you call in sick the next day.

They further state that November and December are the more 'obvious' months to pull a sicky, with January being less suspicious.

We recently found out the top 10 reasons to call in sick with the top few excuses being the flu, back pain, injury or stress.


Once again, we do not condone this type of behaviour.