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30th Oct 2018

Theresa May rules out second Brexit referendum despite huge demonstrations

Speaking at a summit in Oslo, Theresa May ruled out any chance of the British people being given a second referendum or a snap election

Reuben Pinder

She’s standing firm

Theresa May has ruled out the possibility of offering the United Kingdom a second Brexit referendum despite mass protests in the streets of London.

More than half a million people took to the streets last weekend to demand a ‘People’s Vote’ on whatever deal the British government might agree with the European Union.

But speaking at a summit in the Norwegian capital of Oslo the prime minister once again ruled out changing her mind, stating: “There will be no second referendum on Brexit.”

She also all but ruled out any chance of another snap election, saying that calling one “would not be in the public interest”.

These assertions come after Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg played down talk of Britain temporarily staying in the European Economic Area during a transition period, stating that it would be “a little bit difficult” for some of its members to accept.

Solberg did however say that Norway would be open to Britain becoming a permanent member of the EEA post-Brexit.

Theresa May’s refusal to cave under huge public pressure for a second referendum could backfire in the long run, as recent polls would indicate that public opinion has shifted since the Brexit referendum.

But don’t worry, it’ll all be fine: we’ll have a new 50 pence piece.