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22nd Jun 2017

Theresa May makes “fair and serious” offer to EU citizens regarding Brexit

Three million EU citizens would be allowed stay

Darragh Berry

The Prime Minister has shown her hand.

Theresa May has told European leaders that she will offer three million EU citizens a new settled status which means they can stay in Britain if they have been here for over five years.

People who fall under this rule would secure rights on healthcare, education and benefits similar to those enjoyed by EU citizens in the UK now.

However, May did not reveal the exact date after which new arrivals are no longer guaranteed the status – which left a cloud of uncertainty over some people’s UK residency.

While Brexit is number one on May’s agenda, her German counterpart revealed that it would not be top of her list. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, made it clear that Brexit is only of secondary importance to her.

Theresa May was invited to update European leaders on her Brexit plans where she stated that the offer was a “fair and serious” one which meant citizens settled in the UK could go on building their careers and lives.

According to The Guardian, her proposals would see anyone who has already lived in the UK for five years given the new ‘settled status’, securing their position in the country.

Anyone arriving after the triggering of Article 50, but before the notional cut-off date, yet to be set, would also have the chance to stay for five years and gain the status.