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28th Jan 2016

The trip from Sheffield to Essex that’s cheaper going via Germany

Tom Victor

Long cross-country train journeys can be boring, and many of us have been tempted to find ways to liven them up.

You can get a good book for the journey, or load up the full series of Making a Murderer, or stop over in Berlin for a few hours because it’s cheaper that way.

Wait, what?

Currywurst To Be Honored With Museum

MoneySavingExpert writer Jordon Cox found that a seven-hour layover in the German capital would save him £7.72 on his journey from Sheffield to Hutton in Essex, and even did the maths to prove it.

Flights costing about a tenner each way meant he could enjoy a trip to the Brandenburg Gate, and currywurst instead of a train station panino.

‘Even by my usual standards, I’ll admit this is a rather extreme way of saving money,’ Cox wrote. Which just makes us concerned about his usual standards.