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18th Jul 2018

The Queen embarrasses Trump with majestic act of shithousery

This is unreal pettiness from the Queen - and we love it

Nooruddean Choudry

Yasss! Kween!! And other things I can’t get away with saying!

Fair play the Queen. She goes round acting all dignified and regal, but deep down inside she’s a messy bitch who lives for drama – just like all the rest of us. Under those fancy hats and occasional crowns, she’s petty af and we’re here for it! (Again, I’m too old to talk like this.)

Even the most staunchly republican amongst us were deeply offended on Lizzy’s behalf when Donald Trump planted his ample arse in front of her as they inspected the Coldstream Guards at Windsor Castle. But little did we know she’d responded in kind with majestic sassiness.

In an act of shithousery that would make the likes of Sergio Ramos blush, the Queen decided to adorn her outfit with a subtle FU message to Trump when he came to visit last week, purposely picking out a vintage brooch she was given in 2011 – by Barack Obama.

That’s right. She welcomed Trump to the UK wearing a gift from the man he hates most in the whole world – his predecessor. Her Majesty 1 His Tangerineness 0.