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24th Nov 2015

The heart-warming tale of a Syrian refugee determined to ‘give something back’

Fantastic gesture

Simon Lloyd

With the recent refugee crisis seeing thousands of displaced persons entering Europe, few countries have taken as many in as Germany.

As highlighted by a post on Facebook, one of those refugees is now determined to give something back to the country he now calls home with a touching act gesture.

Tabea Bü, a Berlin native, shared the story of Alex on her Facebook page and it’s quickly spreading across the internet.

According to the post, Alex was forced to leave some of his family behind and he fled the threat of ISIS in Syria, before settling in the German capital.

Making the point that he has very little, the post explains that Alex has taken it upon himself to provide food for the city’s homeless community as a means of giving something back to the German people.

Every Saturday night, Alex can be found preparing and giving out the food in the city’s Berlinplatz.

The photo below accompanied the Facebook post and shows him at work.