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22nd Nov 2019

The people fighting the fight against spin and fake news

Wayne Farry

Fact checking is needed now more than ever

Patrick Worrall is one of Britain’s best fact checkers, and runs the Twitter account @FactCheck for Channel 4 News, an account which tracks claims made by political parties and determines whether or not they are true.

The subject of fact checking has been at the forefront of reporting in recent days after the Conservative party changed the display name on their @CCHQ account to ‘factcheckUK’ during the leaders’ debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

Masquerading themselves as a partisan fact checking service, the party was accused of behaving in a ‘dystopian’ manner by its critics. In light of the controversy, we sat down with Patrick to find out how his team stay objective in an era of bias and fake news.