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18th Apr 2016

These are the 5 most popular illegal drugs in Europe and their market value

Paul Moore

The EU Drug Markets Report has revealed the most popular drug on the continent.

Cannabis is the most widely-used illegal drug in Europe, accounting for 38 per cent of the entire drug market.

According to the new report, Europeans spend at least £19 billion on illicit drugs each year, and cannabis accounts for around £7.4 billion of this overall total. According to the report, some 22 million adults in the EU have used it in the last year, and around 1 per cent of European adults use it on an almost daily basis, increasing the risk of health and social problems.

The amount of people that use heroin isn’t far behind: it’s the second most consumed drug with 28 per cent, and an estimated £5.4 billion spend.

This is followed by cocaine (£4.5 billion), amphetamines (£1.4 billion) and MDMA/ecstasy (£530 million).