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16th Oct 2017

Take a look at the world’s biggest moron as ex-hurricane Ophelia strikes

Paul Moore

Idiots. Absolute idiots.

At the present moment, Storm Ophelia/ex-hurricane Ophelia has claimed the lives of three people in Ireland.

With winds of 156km/h being recorded in the south of the country, local emergency services are being severely tested.

At precarious times like this, all first respondent units – whether that’s the Irish Coast Guard, police, fire brigades etc – are being inundated with requests because 360,000 people are currently without power due to ex-hurricane Ophelia.

Sadly, in County Waterford, one woman has died after a tree fell on a car.

Elsewhere, a man in his early 30s has died as a result of an incident that also involved a fallen tree in County Tipperary. Only recently, a third person has died in Dundalk due to a similar fatal accident

Naturally, various outlets have urged people to use extreme caution due to the weather.

Sadly, in some cases, these warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

For example, in Blackrock, County Louth, two wind surfers had to be rescued and brought back to shore. As reported by the Dundalk Democrat,”the problem was reported at 10.20 this morning, with Mayday relayed to all vessels.”

Sadly, this incident isn’t the only act of stupidity at a time when the weather has claimed the lives of people.

Take a look at this man as he goes for a swim in Salthill, Co Galway.