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21st Jun 2017

Some people were too quick to condemn Jeremy Corbyn for ‘snubbing’ the Queen

Steady on

Robert Redmond

Jeremy Corbyn received a lot of criticism for not bowing to the Queen at the opening of parliament on Wednesday.

Of course, the Labour leader is used to being bashed by elements of the media…

And it looks as though that won’t change.

Footage showed Corbyn entering the House of Lords with Theresa May before the Queen’s speech, which signals the opening of parliament. The Commons Speaker and Black Rod were alongside the pair, and they, along with the Prime Minister, bowed towards the Queen.

However, the Labour leader didn’t bow, and some reports claimed this was an act of disrespect by him.

According to the Express: “Mr Corbyn, who is a longstanding republican, refused to join his peers in paying his respects to the Crown as the 91-year-old monarch prepared to give her speech to the House of Commons and House of Lords on Wednesday.”

While some on social media were very critical of Corbyn.

However, it turns out Corbyn was actually following protocol, and it was the Prime Minister who committed a minor mistake.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, a Labour source said:

“The correct protocol is that the Speaker and Black Rod bow on behalf of the whole of the House. Jeremy observed that protocol.”

A video from the opening of parliament in 2014 appears to confirm that Corbyn was following protocol, rather than snubbing the Queen.

Neither David Cameron, the former Prime Minister, or Ed Miliband, the then Labour leader and leader of the opposition, bowed to the Queen.


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