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28th Apr 2018

Snow and -4C set for UK this weekend as country ‘returns to winter’ following heatwave

James Dawson

Looks like there’s more snow to come.

The Met Office has warned of snow for the South East and possible flooding from Sunday evening, just a week after Britain experienced a mini-heatwave that saw the warmest April day in 70 years.

A yellow weather warning will be in effect in Eastern England and South East England from 9pm on Sunday until midnight on Monday.

The weather warning said: “A period of heavy rain will affect first Southeastern England and then parts of East Anglia on Sunday evening, lasting through much of Monday.

“Although there is much uncertainty in these rainfall totals and how far West the heaviest rain will occur, accumulations of 25-40 mm are possible, and 50-70 mm in places during this period.

“The heavy rain will be accompanied by strong to gale force Northerly winds, and it will be cold enough to produce some snow on high ground such as the North and South Downs, although this is unlikely to settle.”

Temperatures are expected to dip so much that snow could fall on higher ground. The coldest temperatures will come in Scotland which could see a drop to as low as -4C in the glens.

While, elsewhere, the East Coast will be battered by severe gales that will get up to speeds of 60mph in some areas.

Anyone else just want a bit of sun now?